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Mucosal Barrier Assessement

Mucosal Barrier Assessement

Zonulin (pre-Haptoglobin 2) is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the digestive tract wall. Once triggered, Zonulin plays an important role in the creation of what we think of as gut “leakiness.” Histamine is an important regulator of gut function and plays a key role in the body’s inflammatory processes. Diamine Oxidase (DAO) is one of the primary ways our body makes sure that Histamine levels stay in check.

With the Mucosal Barrier Assessment, we can determine whether Leaky Gut might be the cause or effect of Metabolic Chaos throughout our bodies, creating all sorts of symptoms from bloading and digestive disorders to skin conditions to mood issues. This test is most revealing in conjunction with the MT, MRT, GI MAP, MWP, and SHP.


The Mucosal Barrier Assessment test kit will be sent directly to your home, along with detailed instructions for collecting your blood specimen (finger prick).

This purchase includes a recorded Results & Recommendations session with individualized protocol and one (1) 30-minute live Q&A session with Liz Georges, our FDN-P, to be scheduled after reviewing your results.

Results are generally available 3-4 weeks after your dried blood specimen has been received by the lab.

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